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Reclaimed woods are a magnificent choice for exposed beams and timbers, adding structural integrity and depth to any room. Reclaimed hand hewn wood beams are being used in many custom homes for the unique warmth and sense of history that only old reclaimed wood can bring.

Most of this antique wood came from old growth forests, and it is often harder and denser than new growth wood. It is less susceptible to the effects of moisture and temperature changes. The real reason, however, that so many are seeking out recycled wood is that it just cannot be matched in beauty and character.

Especially prized are the hand hewn beams which are often used as reclaimed wood in new home construction, remodeled homes, and commercial spaces. These old used wood beams come in sizes that are unmatched in today's lumber yards. Old antique lumber is also a dry wood; it is much less likely to twist, warp or shrink. These aged wood beams feature deep, beautiful colors, and the rich patinas they display can only be bestowed by time.  

The Woodshop of Texas offers custom finishes for our recycled antique wood beams, including: distressed, rough, smooth, chamfered, hand distressing, and European sculpting.

Reclaimed wood is the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor exposed trusses, adding historic character and charm to any aspect of your project.

The Woodshop of Texas also offers complete truss assembly. In our milling facility, our experienced craftsmen are able to assemble your exposed beam trusses to your specifications, whether you prefer the exposed steel plate hardware truss or a truss where there is no visible hardware. View gallery of Reclaimed Oak trusses.

Depending on the size of the truss and the circumstances at your job site, we are usually able to ship trusses completely intact and ready to lift into place.  In some cases, we will disassemble a few joints to make the truss easier to ship, but also very easy to reassemble once onsite and quickly install.  


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Reclaimed Wood Beams

Reclaimed Oak beams will add unique and historic character to your home.

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The natural warm pumpkin tones are a trademark of Antique Heart Pine flooring.

Antique Heart Pine beams can be custom milled to your specifications.

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Douglas Fir beams typically display very tight grain, with color ranging from pink to pumpkin.

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Reclaimed Wood timbers are a magnificent choice for exposed beams and trusses.

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     The natural warm pumpkin tones are a trademark of Antique Heart Pine flooring.

Assorted Reclaimed Wood              Reclaimed Wood Flooring

The natural warm pumpkin tones are a trademark of Antique Heart Pine flooring.     The natural warm pumpkin tones are a trademark of Antique Heart Pine flooring.

Reclaimed Wood Beams                 Reclaimed Wood Millwork

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