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Reclaimed wood offers a unique look that can range from very rustic - as is evident in our Vintage Oak Barn siding - to the very clean, refined look found in our Premium grades of Antique Heart Pine. In addition to the Antique Heart Pine and Reclaimed Oak, we have added several species over the years. 

In addition to flooring, beams, staircases and trusses, we are able to recycle many of our reclaimed materials into ceilings, wainscoting, paneling, and siding. The Woodshop of Texas also offers custom millwork items such as fireplace mantels, countertops, tables, and more.

Many of our customers have selected a variety of fresh cut and reclaimed woods to enhance their homes and stay within budget. Whether you enjoy the look of Antique Heart Pine flooring with Reclaimed Oak beams, or would like to combine reclaimed wood flooring for the living areas and fresh cut wood flooring upstairs, The Woodshop of Texas will be happy to work with you to find solutions to your needs.

Our inventory of reclaimed woods includes Antique Heart Pine, Chestnut, Kentucky Poplar, Douglas Fir, Oak, Hickory, Maple, and Cypress. The Vintage Hardwoods are primarily reclaimed from barns and tobacco warehouses in the Midwest and Northeast regions. Our Antique Pines are salvaged along the east coast from Galveston in the south all the way up to Maine. Our craftsmen custom mill these old wood materials into reclaimed wood flooring, beams, staircases, and trusses.

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Reclaimed Wood flooring can make any room feel airy and more spacious. 

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Reclaimed Wood timbers are a magnificent choice for exposed beams and trusses.

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The Woodshop of Texas can provide custom milled reclaimed wood material for almost any project.

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Reclaimed Oak   ages beautifully and gives a feeling of warmth and elegance to any room.

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     The natural warm pumpkin tones are a trademark of Antique Heart Pine flooring.

Assorted Reclaimed Wood              Reclaimed Wood Flooring

The natural warm pumpkin tones are a trademark of Antique Heart Pine flooring.     The natural warm pumpkin tones are a trademark of Antique Heart Pine flooring.

Reclaimed Wood Beams                 Reclaimed Wood Millwork

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